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School History

Established 1912

Holy Name of Jesus Parish started in 1912. It was formally established by Bishop John J. Catwell on February 18, 1921. In 1924, the 2nd pastor Fr. Joseph Truxaw, constructed a two-story structure that would serve not only as a church-auditorium, but as a parochial school as well. In 1924, its first year of operation, the school opened with 150 students and was staffed by the Sisters of Loretto.

A new building was started and completed in 1961. In 1962, Fr. Patrick J. Roche completed the replacement of the original plant by adding an auditorium as well as another classroom. A kindergarten program was started in 1983. In 2002, a library was added to the school. In 2003, a music education program was added. In 2006, an art education program “Art Trek” was implemented throughout the school.

In 2007, the school was renovated through a grant provided by the Shea Foundation. In 2008, the Specialty Family Foundation funded the establishment of a marketing and development office. In 2009 we added an online accelerated reading comprehension program used by all grades and an online accelerated mathematics program used by grades 2-5. In 2010, we extended the school year from 10 months to 11 months.

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