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School-Wide Learning Expectations

School-Wide Learning Expectations (SLE’s)

Catholic Christian Identity – FAITH – I know Jesus

  • Possess knowledge of the major Catholic teachings, history and traditions.
  • Understand and apply Catholic/Christian values and morals.
  • Acknowledge the importance of participation in the Catholic/Christian community through prayer, worship, and
    community service.

Academic Excellence – ACADEMICS – I can do well in all subject areas.

  • Have basic knowledge in core subjects
  • Use a variety of media and technology resources for learning and enjoyment
  • Display study habits, organizational skills, and effort
  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

Life Long Learner – PERSISTENCE – I am always learning

  • Value and understand the importance of continuing formal education
  • Value health and physical fitness
  • Display basic skills in money management
  • Display positive self-esteem
  • Demonstrate courtesy, respect, and appropriate social skills

Effective Communicator- COMMUNICATION – I speak well with others

  • Articulate ideas clearly, effectively, and creatively both written and orally
  • Demonstrate the ability to write a coherent paragraph
  • Collect, analyze, and organize data accurately
  • Listen carefully, comprehend, and recall information

Globally Aware Citizens – INCLUSIVENESS -The whole world is my neighbor

  • Respect, understand, and appreciate cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity
  • Respect life and creation
  • Display cultural pride
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and responds to worldwide issues


Our School-Wide Learning Expectation Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the life giving Spirit,

We at Holy Name of Jesus school and parish ask you to help us
become committed faith-filled Catholic Christians

Who are determined to become academically competent learners as
we commit ourselves to life long learning by being effective
communicators and globally aware citizens

Who will make positive differences and contributions in our families,
our neighborhoods, our places of worship and in our world.


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