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HNOJ Voice Newsletter

The purpose of the HNOJLA Voice, our school newsletter, is to highlight recent events at the school and to showcase how Holy Name of Jesus School is achieving it’s vision to be a world class Catholic learning institution, recognized as a model for quality education. 

We invite you to read the current and past issues of the HNOJLA Voice and learn more about our thriving school community.  Below is a list of published newsletters.  Please click on the month corresponding to the newsletter you would like to read.

April 2016 – Featured articles:  Fr. Tony Returns, Enroll Now, Take a Tour Today, Writers’ Award, Kindergartners, National Winners, We Love Our Alumni, Earth Day 2016, May Crowning, FundaFuture, and more!

March 2016 – Featured articles:  A Head of STeaM, iDeal Institute, Enroll Now, Sr. Kathleen Bryant, Take a Tour Today, Washing Feet, We Love Our Alumni, Living Stations, Spring Music Concert, FundaFuture, and more!

February 2016 – Featured articles: Black History Month, Take-a-Tour Today, Buddy Day, Ash Wednesday, Bulletin Boards, USC Tutors, Hispanic Heritage, Not 2 Late, Technology Fair, FundaFuture, and more!

January 2016 – Featured articles: Catholic Schools Week, Annual Luncheon, Loyola HS Volunteers, WCEA/WASC, Reading Awards, Blended Learning, New Library, Not 2 Late, Living Stations, FundaFuture, and more!

December 2015 – Featured articles:  Christmas Concert, We Love Alumni, Bishop Cheri, Branches of Government, Basketball Begins, Middle Schoolers, Las Posadas, Not 2 Late, Catholic Schools Week, FundaFuture, and more!

November 2015 – Featured articles:  Christmas Concert, We Love Alumni, Vision to Learn, Breast Cancer Awareness, Football Team, Praise is What We Do, Celebrating Diversity, Not 2 Late, Praise Concert, FundaFuture, and more!

October 2015 – Featured articles: HNOJLA Carnival, We Love Alumni, Feast of St. Francis,  Year of College Entry, Banners, High School Night, Blended Learning, Not 2 Late, Praise Concert, FundaFuture, and more!

September 2015 – Featured articles:  “Icon” Celebration, Thank you Speakers, Love Alumni, Cultural Appreciation, LA Comes Through, Eclipsing the Logo, Not 2 Late, Carnival, FundaFuture, and more!

August 2015 – Featured articles: Never Before, Love Alumni, We’re Back, College Bound, Well-Dressed, Testing, Sports, Not 2 Late, Icons, FundaFuture, and more!

July 2015 – Featured articles: ICONS of the Inner City, New TK Facility, Academic Decathlon, Blended Learning, Love Our Alumni, New Facilities, Summer Session, Enroll Now, FundaFuture, and more!

June 2015 – Featured articles:  Promise, Kindergarten Grads, Culmination, Blended Learning, Love Our Alumni, Living Rosary, But Wait!, Enroll Now!, Icons of the Inner City, and FundaFuture.

May 2015 – Featured articles:  Winning Combination, Enroll Now, USC Tour, Playground, Love Our Alumni, Science & Tech, Basketball, Jamie Kalenik, and Icons of the Inner City Annual Luncheon.

April 2015 – Featured articles: Evening of Music, Enroll Now, Why?, Basketball Court, Love Our Alumni, Thank You Loyola, Get on the Bus, Sports Awards, Music in May, FundaFuture.

March 2015 – Featured articles:  BHMP Rocks, Enroll Now, Sign of the Times, #Hashtag Lunchbag, Love Our Alumni, Canadians Visit, One in Spirit, Living Stations of the Cross.

February 2015 – Featured articles:  Black History, Cecil Murray, Catholic Schools, LA Kings, Students Helping, Luncheon Speakers, Elocution, Enrolling, Luncheon, FundaFuture.

January 2015 – Featured articles: Catholic Schools, Board Members, Service, Physical Ed, 2nd Quarter Awards, To Jesus With Love, Date Set, Enrolling, Luncheon, FundaFuture.

December 2014 – Featured articles:  Thanksgiving Concert, Art Trek, Pay It Forward, Pot Luck, Tutoring, Thank you, Perfect, Enrolling, Catholic Schools, FundaFuture.

November 2014 – Featured articles:  Christmas Concert, Love Our Alumni, Breast Cancer, Open Door, $1.00 = $3.00, Halloween, Diversity, Enrolling, Christmas, FundaFuture.

October 2014 – Featured articles:  Halloween, Love Alumni, Words, High School, All Work, Project Based Learning, Power, Enrolling, Christmas, FundaFuture.

September 2014Special 90th Anniversary Celebration Edition – Featured articles:  Leaders, Alumni, Recognition, Mr. Blackman, Praise is…, and Speakers.

August 2014 – Featured articles:  90 Years, Love Alumni, We’re Back, Ready For…, Well-Dressed, Do Right, Team Bldg, Not 2 Late, Countdown, FundaFuture.

July 2014 – Featured articles:  90 Years, Father Stanley, Academic Decathlon, Prep’n, Love Alumni, Awards, Tzedakah, Not 2 Late, Countdown, FundaFuture.

June 2014 – Featured articles:  2014 Grads, Father Paul, 5th Grade Culmination, Kindergarten Grads, Love Alumni, Speakers, Living Rosary, Enroll Now, Countdown, FundaFuture.

May 2014 – Featured articles:  STEAM, Enroll Now, On a Mission, Zora Neale Hurston, Love Alumni, Ambassadors, Foresters, Hunting Eggs, Countdown, FundaFuture.

April 2014 – Featured articles: Evening Music, Enroll Now, STEAM Fair, GameDesk Trials, Love Alumni, John Burland, GOTB, What Goes Around, Countdown, and FundaFuture.

March 2014 – Featured articles:  Overflow Crowd, Enroll Now, Elite Ambulance, Matt Ware, Love Alumni, Poetry, Basketball, Living Stations, Countdown, and FundaFuture.

February 2014 – Featured articles: Black History Month, Countdown to 90, Del Amo Does More, Donald Penn Visits, Love Alumni, 100 Mile Club, Copper Canyon, Volunteers, Enroll Now, and Fund a Future.

January 2014 – Featured articles:  Faith…Service, 89 Years & Counting, Santa Came to HNOJ, Piccolo Lewis, Love Alumni, Dr. James Peter, Las Posadas, Catholic Education, and Fund a Future.

December 2013 – Featured articles:  Thanksgiving Concert, Harold Hart-Nibbrig, Basketball Court, Community Partners, Love Alumni, LAPD Cadets, Poets Discovered, Catholic Education, and Fund a Future.

November 2013 – Featured articles: Christmas Concert, Henry Grayson, Breast Cancer, Fall Sports, Community Cleanup, Halloween for All, Love Alumni, Catholic Education, Fund a Future.

October 2013 – Featured articles: Halloween Carnival, Chuck Smith, Brand New Day, Thank You St. Peter Claver, Pup’s Quest, Cultural Appreciation, Love Alumni, Backpacks and Fund a Future.

September 2013 – Featured articles: Come Celebrate, Marx Cazenave, Laptops, La Roya Jordan, Grandparents’ Day, Drive 4 Supplies, Love Alumni.

August 2013 – Featured articles:  We’re back, That’s My School, Doing Right Things, Sister Parish, Lovin’ Alumni, What you Don’t See, Scott Montgomery, Enroll Now!, Fund a Future.

July 2013 – Featured articles:  Dream It!, Kinder Grads, Michelle Obama, 5th Grade Culmination, Lovin’ Alumni, Life is Art, 200 Days!, Enroll Now!, Fund a Future.

June 2013 – Featured articles:  Music Surprises, Ms. Asher, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Wilkes Brothers, Get On The Bus, Academic Decathlon, Living Rosary, Enroll Now!, and Summer Enrichment.

May 2013 – Featured articles:  Science & Tech Fair, Earth Day, 95% Go To College, Did You Say a Million, Day, Fund a Future, A Light in the Darkness, Communicate, Enroll Now!, An Evening of Music.

April 2013 – Featured articles:  Video Editing Class, A. Ronald Berryman, Pay it Forward, Talking Tech, Fund a Future, Ooh La La, Low Achievement, Enroll Now!, Science & Technology Fair.

March 2013 – Featured articles:  Accelerated Math, Black History Celebration, Fund a Future $500, Parents are our Partners, No Secrets, Fundraising Luncheon, Catholic Education, and Alumni Wanted.


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