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Parents are an integral part of the student learning process at Holy Name of Jesus School. We not only believe that parents are the primary educators of their children but actively provide them with the information and resources they require to help faculty and staff ensure that their children continue to aspire to do the best they can do.

At Holy Name of Jesus School parental involvement includes participation in the Parent Teacher Organization, influence in their student’s class community activities by being a Room Parent, and membership in the school’s Advisory Board and Marketing and Development Team.

Parents are also active volunteers at the school, assisting with a host of activities including morning, lunch and after school supervision, classroom aides, office assistants and chaperones on sports and field trips.

Our Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO Board is an integral part of the leadership at Holy Name of Jesus School. We welcome new members and encourage you to actively participate in the growth and development of the school through participation in the PTO Board. The PTO Board works with the school’s Marketing and Development Office to raise funds for necessary school resources. Membership in the PTO Board is done through completion of the Parent Volunteer Form. Kindly provide contact information and indicate PTO Board membership as the area of interest.